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Jason Diaz: What I Am Thankful For

Jason Diaz: What I Am Thankful For

(Editor’s Note: Jason Diaz is a 2019 graduate of Kellenberg HS. He fired a CG shutout of St. John the Baptist to clinch the CHSAA championship earlier this year. He has a fastball that sits 90-91 MPH and tops at 93 MPH. He is committed to the University of Miami. The following words are his own.)

Thanksgiving really brings out the positivity in people and it makes me think about what I’m thankful for. To me baseball is the greatest thing on this earth and it’s not even close. What kid growing up didn’t want to throw a ball as hard as they can and what kid didn’t want to hit bombs over the fence?

The game of baseball has showed me that success isn’t just given to you and it makes me thankful for when the times are tough because it just encourages me to overcome my problems and succeed. My family has showed me that if you want something, go and get it!

My mom’s parents live in the Dominican Republic and they know how much baseball means to me. My Grandpa always says “Jason, cuando llegues aquí te llevaremos al campo para que puedas mejorar”, and that means that when I go to their house that he’s going to take me to the field so I can get better. They see and hear about prospects that live around them go play professional and they know that’s been my goal since I ever started playing.

I’m very thankful for them because without their support, I wouldn’t really have the desire that I have now to succeed at this sport. My aunts, uncles, and cousins care about me so much and I’m truly grateful for their support. I have two brothers,Justin, he’s 7 years old and my older brother David is 23 years old. David was a huge reason why I started playing sports because he was 3 sport athlete and was extremely talented at all of them. He would take me outside to shoot hoops, catch my bullpens, toss the pigskin, and even play soccer. David is very respectful and optimistic so he is always there for me when I need him. Justin is the goofball in the family. He plays soccer and baseball and I’m trying to be a role model for him because the sky is the limit for Justin. I’m very thankful to have these two guys around me all the time. The two most important people in my life are my mom and dad. They’ve sacrificed so much for me and my brothers. They own a restaurant together and each have their own job so they each are the example and parent that I want to be in the future. From early and late games to school, they’re always there for me and I’m very thankful for them. I’m thankful for my hometown friends because they are the best group of guys to be around. We all relate to each other and care for one another. I’m also thankful for my coaches for believing in me and guiding as a player and as a young man. Happy thanksgiving!

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Vinny is the Editor-In-Chief of aXcess Baseball. He is a 2013 graduate of Adelphi University. He previously worked for Bleacher Report and Baseball Info Solutions.

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