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Recap of Week 4 of the New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra

Recap of Week 4 of the New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra

The New York Baseball Academy has been home to some of the top young talent in the northeast over the past 40 years.

That–combined with a coaching staff that features former professional players and some of the most recognizable and respected baseball minds–has allowed the NYBA to be named one of the top five baseball camps in the country.

In addition to learning a great deal, many of the players had awards bestowed upon them. More important than the skill-based awards were those who were honored for their ability to actively listen and incorporate that into the games. These individuals also gave their 100 percent effort all week and never failed to hustle. Below are the winners of the “Super Hustler” Award.

Also pictured is 9-year-old Jaden Alvarez who was the recipient of the fourth Mr.Attitude Award, given to the Super Hustler who best exemplifies what it means to be a team player while also displaying great baseball skills.

Group 2:

William Fleming

Camden Marin

Greyson Chamyonk

Zachary Wiener

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Group 3:

Angelo Ciminello

Patrick Mitchell

Gavin Langner

Ethan Chang

Noah Barrett

Bills Duhs

Group 4:

Jake Urban

Anthony Grassi

Sebastian Pank

Paolo Palleschi

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Group 5:

Miles Flagg

Evan Barreco

Dylan Chase

Samuel Zeidman

Group 6:

Kenny Noe

Ryan Briller

Chase Stanton

Sebastian Gillette

Joe Wyrozemski

Group 7:

Robbie Vitale

Joe Urban

Max Breiter

Ryan LaBone

Spencer LaBruyere

J.J. Gatti

John LaBruyere

Jack Koubek

Group 8:

Hunter Taubes

Trevor Yestkovsky

Louis Sabino

Jordan Rosner

Joseph Leonard

Gabriel Silver


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