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    07/02/2017 against Midville Dodgers at Adelphi U.
    6 innings pitched
    1 HBP
    1 Hit
    0 Earned Runs

    Update on Nicolas
    Summer pitching numbers with Storm team.
    As of 06/02/2017
    34 IP
    4 HBP
    10 Hits
    3 Earned Runs
    3 Unearned Runs
    0.79 ERA
    0.6765 WHIP

    What a difference it make to have a _____ ____ ____ ____ __ __ _____.

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  • Excellent job by FR Robbie Manetta on his first game playing varsity baseball 3-3, HBP 2-doubles, single, he also did a great job behind the plate catching. Great job Robbie.

  • Hey Benny what do you think we are going to hear next about the Nassau AA-1, and AA-2 can’t wait to see the next write up and power rankings it’s going to be very interesting to read.

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    Oceanside where held to 3 hits by the iceman roz, 2K, 1HBP, 6 IP, on 86 pitches thrown. Benny you know how it goes on Island they are always talking about the same people. Give Mcfall a thumbs up for pitching a great game as well, Oceanside bounced right back as well after the 12-3 beating they took in the second game by the Dalers. The…[Read more]

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    Here we go Farmingdale vs Oceanside @ the Dale, 4 pm start. Go Dalers

  • I was at the Bethpage vs Wantagh game today and Kyle Issing handled the Wantagh batters. Great job. Mike Narbutt’s shot to break the 1-1 tie was a laser to left which looked like it was going out of the park, but Narbutt settled for a RBI double and a 2-1 lead. Hey Benny Karma for you know who. Great game great pitching on both sides.

    • That must have been an awesome game to watch. I’m glad you didn’t get ejected from the field. Lol
      See you later today! I sure hope Roz gets the start.

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    Nice job by the boys. Keep it going. They had you guys winning 7 games this season. well Dalers are 8-3.

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    Win as a team lose as a team

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    That baseball Benny, it’s a team sport the boys need to pick each other up like they do. Win as a lose as a team. This lose is behend them time to focus on today’s class room work first then turn on the baseball switch and focus on the Oceanside game and taking one, then another. Errorless baseball on field will win games all the time.

  • Let’s go Dalers

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    Nice job Benny SNY called me requesting an interview. They want to hire u as a baseball comentor and to call some games.

    • Lol. I LIVE for this! I expect thorough updates from you today! I’ll be at JV. Nic pitched an awesome game. He picked the team up ALL day. Getting out of jams caused by a couple of errors. Who knows how much further he could have gotten us if he didn’t have to pitch extra pitches to get through those sloppy plays on the field.

  • Nicolas Luc left the game after pitching 5 innings leading 2-1, 1K, 4BB, 2 Hits, giving up 1 earned run and 1 unearned run for the ND. Anthony B went 3-4 hitting.

  • Another tough defeat for Farmingdale especially when they had a 2-0 lead going into top of 6 inning. Farmingdale 3 Oceanside 6.

  • So here we go the Farmingdale vs Oceanside 1st game @ Farmingdale HS it’s going to be a battle. Should be a good turnout.

    Go Dalers

  • Tomorrow 10:00 am start
    @ Farmingdale
    Farmingdale vs Oceanside

  • Justin Rosner The 14 year old Farmingdale FR 5IP/ 11K / 1 hit against Freeport. 6-3 win

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    Benny he sure did right the ship without allowing a hit 13K. The boys had a bad game the other day.

  • Big win after a let down on Wednesday.
    Farmingdale 10 Syosset 2
    Angus Mccloskey
    62/3 innings, 13K, 4BB, 0 Hits

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